Forgotten Realms Tyranny of Dragons 5E Campaign

Ambush in Greenest

The players entered a battle in greenest where the guards of dignitary Eaah turned on her and attacked with a group of other guards who arrived in a battle wagon in front of the temple of Chauntae. One of the dignitaries traveling with Eaah who went by the name of Rilar was leading the group of traitors in the attack against the heroes. During the battle Eaah managed to hit Rilar with a non lethal ray of frost and took him prisoner where they interrogated him and found out Rilar was actually working for the Zhentarim. They then found out the Zhentarim were after the Tome of Tiamet and wanted to destroy it as they are mortal enemies of the Cult of the Dragon. Eaah and The Piper were able to smuggle the Tome out of the temple but were caught on their way out by Aoth and Galdar Thunderclaw and when questioned found out they had the tome. Eaah and The Piper then took the other adventurers into thier wagon and explained to them that Eaah was a conservator of magic and collects rare artifacts of power and was seeking out the tome to lock it away so no one could abuse its power. The adventurers locked the tome inside the mystical chest in the wagon and they got a eerie sensation and a cold chill passed over them as they saved the tome.



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